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With 12 years+ of expertise in conversion optimization campaigns, ELEVATE is emerging as the market’s leading lead collection & management software.


Our Conversion Experts are here to assist you in getting better lead forms. We can help you transform your website into a lead generating site.

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The Most Comprehensive Website Conversion Platform Available

We Engage Your Inactive Website Visitors And Make It Simple For Them To Convert

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? When you know what you’re supposed to do, it’s kind of like that. We receive 50% higher conversions for our clients after installing Elevate.


ELEVATE connects your visitors’ requirements to what you offer. More conversions result from a better customer experience.

What Makes ELEVATE Different From Others

Lead Form Builder

Multi-Step Lead Forms Increase Responses

Get up to 5X more leads from your website. The most user-friendly and adaptable online form builder for multi-step forms that disclose all replies.


The Lead Form Builder includes all the tools you’ll need to convert website visitors.


ELEVATE helps you improve your lead forms which can increase your site conversions by 50% on average.


Conversion Analytics & Insights

Every Interaction Should Be Accompanied By Actionable Insights

Conversion Insights enable you to observe every interaction on your website and take proactive actions to get a larger share of the market.


ELEVATE provides best-in-class analytics that provides you with quick attribution and a deeper understanding of your visitors.

Optimization (A/B Testing & related)

Advanced Form Response And Lead Quality

Multi-step forms and conditional logic may be used to customize your online form experience. Improve your results with A/B testing and Geo-fencing, and never miss a response with incomplete lead analytics!


Personalization Elements & LeadProof For Personalization

ELEVATE is built on the LeadGen App technology. We can help you increase form submissions by displaying real-time lead activity using LeadProof popups. Make the Most of Your Lead Capture Potential. Increase Your Audience’s Trust.

Get your website transformed into a lead-generating site with

Conversion Management (Service component)

Experts Are Constantly On Hand

Our Conversion Experts are here to assist you in making the most of your solutions. All you need to do is just sit down and relax our solution experts will analyze your outcomes, optimize your solutions, and ensure that your tools are working properly.

Customer Stories

How companies & marketers grow their businesses with LeadGen App

LeadGen App - Practical excellence at a great price

"The advantage of the LeadGen App is that you can act quickly to collect data about your audience and learn more about what your audience wants. You can implement, test and refine your approach very quickly. The software is easy to use and customize. I can set up a new form quickly and see the results in the same day. I haven't had any problems. And there are regular updates based on user feedback. The LeadGen App gave me more flexibility. I could tailor the form to our brand and test very quickly. Typeform seemed less flexible to me."

Laura Dolby

Saving Time & Money

“We were looking to create a question logic form. I found LeadGen App and they were able to answer all my questions. I felt comfortable to have LeadGen App build the form to achieve exactly what I was looking for. It saved me a lot of time and money.”

John Pitlick, Talking Vcard

We Reduced All Forms Into One

“We love using LeadGen App because very easy to use and simple to brand. More importantly, it has multi-step forms. When our end users come, they just go through multiple choices and it pushes you into a lead funnel. We used to have lots of forms on our website. Now we can have one form and guide end users with one click of a button, all in one form.”

- Miguel Heinonen, CEO Heirizon

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Frequently Asked Questions

A website conversion happens when a visitor to your website does a desired action, usually one that is aligned with the aims of your business or website. Website conversions are important for organizations because they indicate that visitors are taking actions to become clients or engage with your content. Understanding and increasing conversion rates is a critical component of enhancing the performance of your website, whether you want to increase revenue, get leads, or achieve other particular goals.

At ELEVATE we use the CRO Checklist created by our founder Waseem Bashir. The SaaS CRO Checklist is a comprehensive resource designed to help B2B firms maximize their conversion rates in the SaaS world. It offers a logical structure as well as practical ways for optimizing website performance, improving user experience, and eventually increasing conversion rates. The SaaS CRO Checklist tactics are relevant to both new and old websites. In the case of new websites, the checklist provides a strong foundation for developing an optimal online presence from the start. It provides great chances for development and fine-tuning for established websites looking to increase conversion rates. Make care to adjust the checklist’s suggestions to your website’s current state and unique goals.

We are a service agency and software both. ELEVATE is built on the LeadGen App technology. We first get our client onboard with us. After getting them onboard we address their queries and issues. We then provide them with a solution expert (depending on which plan you choose) who will do a deep analysis of their website and then guide them to enhance the user journey for their website visitors, suggest methods on how to increase quality leads for your website and much more.

Tools that assist you in understanding how visitors behave on your website, which will aid you in completing a CRO audit for your website. Here is a list of tool categories that we use to perform a conversion optimization audit: Analytics: It goes without saying that analytics are a must-have for every website. It will assist us in tracking the performance of various pages on your website (how many visits they receive, what their bounce and exit rates are, and so on). Google Analytics is the dominating player in this industry. Heatmap: Heatmap software tracks users’ clicks on any page of your website. They also give a scroll map, which indicates how far users scroll when viewing various sections of the website. A/B testing tools: These tools enable you to run A/B and/or multivariate testing on your website to identify which design produces the best results. You can get all of this with Elevate.

Using data and analytics to improve website conversions is a great method. You can make educated judgments and optimize your website for higher conversion rates by studying user behavior and finding areas for improvement. You may obtain a better knowledge of your audience, discover areas for development, and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall user experience and generate greater conversion rates on your website by incorporating data and analytics into your conversion optimization plan.

It is critical to create effective Calls to Action (CTAs) to encourage people to do desired activities on your website, such as completing a purchase, signing up, or contacting you. Creating great CTAs is an art as much as a science. Finding the proper formula that connects with your consumers and leads to increased conversion rates involves a thorough understanding of your audience as well as continual testing and tweaking. We at Elevate will help you create effective CTAs that will help convert your inactive website visitors into prospect leads and customers.

Serving you and helping you get you the right solutions for your website is our top most priority. We provide support via Chat and Email. You can also book a call with our Solution Experts for a detailed solution to your queries. You can also visit our solution page for a more detailed understanding of what we do.

ELEVATE is website conversion and lead generation platform. Its built for enterprise firms, marketing & web design agencies, lead generation services, insurance agency, healthcare industry, real-estate agency, and B2B brands. We help engage your inactive website visitors and make it simple for them to convert.

There could be various reasons as to why leads are not coming for your website. Some of the most common are The content on your website may not be engaging or relevant to your target audience. Ensure your content addresses their needs, pain points, and interests. Complex or lengthy forms can deter users from submitting their information. Optimize your forms for simplicity and ease of use. Weak or unclear CTAs may not prompt users to take action. Ensure that your CTAs are compelling and instructive. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may lose leads from users on mobile devices. Make sure your site is responsive and accessible on various screens. Broken links, site errors, or issues with the website’s functionality can deter potential leads. Regularly check for technical problems and resolve them promptly. Ensure that your website is optimized for relevant keywords and phrases to attract organic traffic. Lack of marketing efforts, such as social media campaigns, email marketing, or paid advertising, can limit your website’s reach and lead generation potential. We at ELEVATE would assess these factors, and consider conducting user research, A/B testing, and other data-driven strategies to identify and address the specific issues that are hindering lead generation on your website.

We at ELEVATE offer both custom solutions and packages to our clients. We have various pre package offers on our pricing page but we can also customize packages depending on your needs and requirements.

ELEVATE focuses on bringing both leads and traffic for your website. With a experience of 20+ years in the field of website conversion and SEO solutions we help our clients not only generate traffic but also quality leads for their website.

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